Gas Cap Challenge

Mission Statement

Purpose: Promote chapter members to ride to other chapters’ events.

Mission: Obtain the gas cap by having the most members of a chapter ride to a meeting/event of the chapter that currently possesses the gas cap.

Reset: The last chapter to have possession of the Gas Cap will have their “Days in Possession” reset to 0 after the Annual State Meeting. They will retain possession of the Gas Cap until another chapter comes to claim it.


POC: State Public Relations Officer.

2023 Champion


The chapter that currently possesses the gas cap cannot defend it.

The gas cap must be made available at every meeting/event. Failure to have the Gas Cap present at an event while your chapter is in possession will result in forfeiture of the Gas Cap. 

If members of a chapter ride to the current gas cap holder’s meeting/event and meet the requirements, that chapter takes possession of the gas cap.

  1. A minimum of five Full Members must arrive on motorcycles. 
  2. In the event that more than one chapter attempts the challenge at the same time, the chapter with the most total members (to include Support and Auxiliary) in attendance will take possession of the gas cap.
  3. In the event of a tie, the winner is determined in the following order:
    1. The chapter with the most chapter officers that rode.
    2. The chapter that rode the farthest to the event.

The chapter that loses Gas Cap cannot pursue until new chapter loses it or 45 days have passed.

Automobiles are acceptable for use during winter. This is to ensure the game still takes place whilst considering the safety of our members.

The requirement of five Full Members is still in play to take possession. 

Gas Cap Live Tracking

Current Possessing Chapter

Days in Possession


Upcoming Chapter Events

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Gas Cap Tracker

Possessing ChapterDate of PossessionDays in PossessionEvent Attended
Chapter 45-32024-02-1165Chapter 45-5 Pancake Breakfast
Chapter 45-52024-01-2022Chapter 45-1 Grunt Style Event