Gas Cap Challenge

Purpose: Promote Chapter members to ride to other chapters’ events.

Mission: Obtain the gas cap by having the most members of a chapter ride to a meeting/event of the chapter that currently possesses the gas cap. 

Updating Requirements: If your chapter gains possession of the gas cap you must report it to the State PRO or State Webmaster within 72 hours so this page can be updated with its current location. You must post a picture to the Wisconsin Members Page on Facebook. This post must include all the members of your chapter that showed up at the possessing chapters event/meeting.

  1. The Chapter that currently possesses the gas cap cannot defend it.
  2. The gas cap must be made available at every meeting/event.
  3. If members of a chapter ride to the current gas cap holders meeting/event and meet the requirements, that chapter takes possession of the gas cap.
  1. A minimum of Five Full Members must arrive on motorcycles.
  2. In the event that more that once chapter attempts the challenge at the same time, the chapter with the most total members (to include Support and Auxiliary) in attendace will take possession of the gas cap.
  3. In the event of a tie, the winner is determined in the following order:
    • The chapter with the most chapter officers that rode.
    • The chapter that rode the farthest to the event.

Current Possessing Chapter

Days in Possesion


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Gas Cap Tracker

Possessing ChapterDate of PossessionDays in PossessionEvent Attended
Chapter 45-12023-05-279Chapter 45-6 Honor Ride
Chapter 45-62023-05-217Chapter 45-1 Chapter Meeting
Chapter 45-12023-05-138Chapter 45-3 Fun Run
Chapter 45-32023-05-077Chapter 45-8 Chapter Meeting